Our story

London City Airport was opened in 1987, just one of many ideas put forward in an effort to regenerate the docklands area of London, headed by the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC).

The following year we welcomed 133,000 passengers and within ten years had reached just under 1.4 million, with growth in seven out of the first ten years of operations.

Who benefits?

By the end of 2015 we expect to welcome 4.2 million passengers through our doors. Around 56% of our passengers travel on business, and 60% are inbound from overseas.

According to a report by York Aviation, it is estimated that our airport contributes approximately £750 million a year to the UK economy through jobs, passenger spend, and the broader supply chain and productivity benefits:

Our proximity to Bank and Canary Wharf means that we help serve and connect both the banking and service industries, in turn helping to grow exports and the injection of capital from external sources – inward investment.

The future

Trade and investment is important to the UK, and London is very important to the UK’s trade and investment performance. LCY business passengers account for 9% of all the UK’s business travellers, and with expansion this will only increase.

Through expansion we have the potential to double our annual existing economic impact of £750m.


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