Our Role

At London City Airport we believe that in order to succeed and grow we must be central to the community that surrounds us, and invest in its future.

Over the last three decades we have built up strong, working relationships with our local communities. This means providing job opportunities, giving back through volunteering and working with local charities and projects, and actively engaging with schools, churches, sports clubs, and a wide variety of community groups.

Perhaps most important of all we listen to what people in the local area tell us, value their input, and appreciate their views. Our local community has played a key role in the development of our expansion plans, an example of the simple but fundamental two-way relationship which makes us a good neighbour - and an involved one.

The result of our positive commitment to the local area was demonstrated in January 2015 when we commissioned a ComRes survey of 1000 Newham residents about our expansion plans. 68% of those residents said they strongly supported the detailed plans described to them.

In 2015 we were presented with the first ever National Responsible Business Champion award by the All-Party Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group, in recognition of our commitments to our local communities and the local area.


Employment Opportunities

More than 70% of our staff live within five miles of the airport, and 30% are from Newham. It’s a fantastic achievement and one that we are keen to build on.

It is our firm belief that a successful business is one that is locally resourced. That’s why we created the ‘Take Off into Work’ programme which as of September 2015 has seen 500 local residents take up roles at our airport. Last year alone 70 local people found work through the scheme.

Over a period of seven years our expansion project will see some 1500 new jobs created, with a further 500 in construction, and we intend to work with our partners in East London to create pathways for local people to access these opportunities.



We are committed to raising levels of aspiration amongst young people in the local area and aim to help young people achieve educational excellence. We engage young people from ages 4 and 5 (reception) through to 10 and 11 year olds (year 6) via a range of activities. We provide:

Partnerships with other local companies, charities, and organisations – in 2014 we worked West Ham United Football Club to promote healthy lifestyles and will engage with 40 schools across Newham by 2017


Charitable Focus

The airport has developed a partnership - over nearly 20 years - with Richard House Children’s Hospice in Beckton. We have raised nearly £750,000 over that time, through various initiatives including football tournaments, foreign coin collections, and sponsored bike rides.

Every year a number of LCY staff give up their own time to volunteer in local projects. In 2014 a total of 605 hours of time sharing skills and manpower were provided, working at locations including Core Landscapes, a community garden in nearby Canning Town, and Ascension Church in the Royal Docks.


Sustainability and Environment

We have worked extremely hard over the last two years to improve our environmental impact, and are pleased to say that our passenger carbon emissions were reduced by 6% in 2014. LCY is also one of only five airports in the UK to have achieved Level Two Airports Council International (ACI) Carbon Accreditation status, thanks to our effective carbon management procedures and a reduction in our carbon footprint.

These efforts were recognised in June 2015 when we won ACI Europe’s ‘best airport in Europe under 5 million passengers’ award for our ‘commitment to environmental awareness’, our fourth title in a row.

Expansion will allow LCY can accommodate a new generation of quieter, more fuel-efficient aircraft such as the Bombardier C-Series, which will be the quietest commercial aircraft in production, producing 20% less CO2 emissions than existing aircraft of a similar size.

LCY has one of the strictest noise regimes of any European airport and leads the UK aviation industry for providing noise mitigation to local residents, going above and beyond what is required.

We provide more insulation for less noise than any other UK airport and since 1999 our Sound Insulation Scheme (SIS) has treated over 3247 properties. We have provided 20,520 new vents that allow air into properties without opening windows, secondary glazing installation, and 1126 contributions towards the cost of double glazing.

An additional 500 properties have been identified for eligibility for the scheme in 2015.