Case Study: Phase 5

LCY’s customer proposition of speed, location, and experience is what is bringing ever greater numbers of passengers every year.


Key to the speed pledge is the quick check-in times that passengers can enjoy, with minimal queuing. It’s made possible by Phase 5, a Brighton and Hove based firm who provide SONIC Self Service Bag Drop machines, or SSBDs. The machines are provided by PULSE AERO and as the name suggests, they allow passengers to weigh and tag their own bags then take them to a dedicated bag-drop point.


This technology has a number of benefits, particularly when it comes to the speed at which bags are processed and queue times which can be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. By allowing a passenger to tag their bags away from the collector belt, they are active in preparing their own bags for the baggage handling process.


This means that the point at which bags are sent to the outbound bags department is faster than a traditional desk and passengers can complete the process faster than before. The benefit for the airport is that a greater number of bags can be processed using the same infrastructure.


LCY has proved a good showcase for SONIC SSBD, allowing Phase 5 to demonstrate the benefits their machines bring to a capacity constrained terminal and proving that their technology can make a real difference. LCY’s connectivity, easily reached from a number of destinations, has also been beneficial to Phase 5, allowing the company to invite other potential customers to see a working installation relatively easily. 


Lawrence Eke, Managing Director for Phase 5, said: “It has been a real pleasure working with LCY, an airport which showed the vision and drive to implement cutting edge technology to benefit its passengers.


“We have also enjoyed working with the passengers themselves, LCY enjoys a relatively tech-savvy demographic of passenger and the processing times they enjoy are faster than passengers using the same system in Europe.”


As for the future, Lawrence believes that the benefits their bag drop technology is just the start, with new technology being developed to help other areas of the airport.


“We feel that SONIC SSBD is just the beginning for LCY! We have a range of other products and services that we feel would really benefit LCY. In particular our SONIC Hand Held Boarding (HHB) product allows faster processing at the gate and the FUSION web services allow more intelligent resource planning.


“We would like to work with LCY to demonstrate these and other products and services, to ensure the airport remains at the cutting edge of passenger processing.”